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Garden Hose Foam Cannon w/ Quick Release Handle Garden Hose Foam Cannon w/ Quick Release Handle Sale
Garden Hose Foam Cannon w/ Quick Release Handle
Some of us don't have a pressure washer, or don't have regular access to one. But, we still want to...
$40.00 $27.00
Drill Brush - Power Cleaning Carpets and Upholstery
 I don't know about you, but cleaning carpet and upholstery sucks. I'm constantly on the hunt for anything I can...
Leather Cleaning Brush - Real Horse Hair
Leather can be the most delicate surface to clean on the interior of your car. You need a brush that...
Long Handle Wheel Woolie
Wheels come in all shapes, sizes and depths. It's sometimes impossible to reach your hand into the barrel of a...
Textured Black Latex Gloves
I seriously under estimated how important gloves are while detailing.  Sure, detailing is a dirty sport and on the surface...
Interior Car Duster
The microfiber fibers traps and locks dirt, hair and dust from the dashboard, door panel and leather seats. The duster...
Pet Hair Removal Brush
Once you try this brush you will wish you ever - EVER - detail a car that has a lot...
The Jimbo Kit - Microfiber Towel Kit
Picking the right microfiber towel can be a daunting process - So I teamed up with Autofiber to help cut...